CBD and celebrities: Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, and Montel Williams use it regularly.

CBD oil makes more and more people happy with its user, and especially with some famous people.

There are countless MMA fighters (the DIAZ brothers for example) who promote CBD as an excellent nutritional supplement for athletes, for its anti-inflammatory, de-stressing and above all regulating homeostasis. Since then, USADA, the American anti-doping institution, has authorized CBD in recovery products.

CBD oil does not create a soothing effect because it is THC-free and has very beneficial effects on mood, pain, sleep, and the immune system.

But recently, we can see more and more personalities using this CBD oil in their daily lives.

Focus on 5 CBD fan personalities:


A well-known and recognized actress and actress, Whoopi is a strong advocate of medical cannabis in all its forms. Being subject to stress, pain, and glaucoma, Whoopi Goldberg uses a spray to enjoy all the benefits of CBD and THC on his body. She has developed her brand with Maya Elisabeth (Maya and Whoopi) and offers CBD in all possible forms: creams, tinctures, balms, oil, etc. She advises CBD for the working day and THC for the night.


Morgan Freeman, one of the largest American players, is now one of the leading figures in medical cannabis in the United States: he has been using CBD and THC to treat fibromyalgia since suffering a serious accident in 2008. Since then, Morgan FREEMAN has been very active in the fight against medical cannabis in the country and promulgates its effectiveness as soon as he can.


Cheech’s partner, Tommy Chong is well known in the community for his long comedies on cannabis smokers in the 1970s. He is also an active member of American activism regarding the legalization of cannabinoids and uses CBD for personal needs, particularly for the treatment of his prostate cancer, which he beat in 2012, according to him thanks to CBD.


American actor, director, and producer, Montel WILLIAMS has become one of the leading figures in the fight for access to cannabinoids for patients: a great activist since 1999 to cure his multiple sclerosis, Montel was checked by the police in Frankfurt in the presence of cannabinoids in his luggage. By offering the police his medical prescription for cannabinoids, he was able to continue his journey without any worries. He is one of the few people who has been able to leave an airport without any worries after being checked.


A well-known rock musician, Melissa discovered cannabinoids when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A loyal user of CBD oil, she has become one of the representatives of medical cannabinoids in her country.

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