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When our founders, Lee Epstein and Greg Loomar, recognized the problems that the lack of regulation in the CBD industry created, they resolved to do something about it. They saw how many of the top CBD products in America are contaminated with things like chemicals, pesticides, mold and knew that this was untenable for consumers seeking to use the powerful properties of CBD. They knew that the 64 million Americans who use CBD wanted to find a source of organically grown, family-farmed CBD that they could be certain was effective, potent, and safe.

While CBD.ci has gone through many iterations, the goal of providing a trusted information source and eCommerce marketplace of carefully sourced, domestic, and organic CBD products has never changed. Today, we are committed to translating the latest clinical studies about CBD into easily understandable articles so consumers can harness the healing properties of CBD without getting tangled in the droves of false claims and misinformation littered around the internet. Furthermore, we use our knowledge database to act as guardians of the CBD industry by highlighting brands that are committed to helping people and condemning brands who capitalize on the confusion of the deregulated CBD marketplace. 

We mine the latest clinical research about CBD and use our knowledge database to partner with brands that align with our values to recommend only safe and effective CBD products. We only curate brands that are “seed to oil.” We created this concept as a riff off of farm-to-table. The farm-to-table movement concept was created in 1914 as a way to get nearby farm-fresh products –– like butter, eggs, poultry, and vegetables –– to urban destinations as quickly as possible, as fresh as possible. It was also a way to localize food systems and create a stronger and more trustworthy chain between farmer and consumer.

Here at CBD.ci, we take that concept and apply it to CBD. This means that the CBD on our website comes only from American family farmers who grow CBD organically and process it themselves into the products we know and love. They handle all of the aspects of growing and producing. Furthermore, we ensure that our partner brands only promote their products based on the latest CBD science. This ensures that not only is your CBD the safest it can be, but that it is also the most effective.  

Why do we have these stringent standards for our brand partners? Because then we can ensure that the companies we work with have full accountability and transparency for their (and eventually your) CBD products. Any CBD you buy from CBD.ci is the absolute purest and safest form of CBD you can get. We know how powerful and restorative CBD can be. So we take the same care in sourcing our seed to oil products as a 5 Michelin star restaurant takes in sourcing their farm-to-table meals! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We love sharing our passion for CBD with everyone we can!CBD

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