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Dr. Rob Streisfeld, Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Rob Streisfeld is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and trained Gourmet Natural Foods Chef. “Doc Rob,” as widely known, provides an informed and innovative perspective with a focus on education, community, and health-driven lifestyle products.

A consultant & spokesperson for leading brands in the Natural Products Industry for nearly two decades, he’s traveled and lectured extensively, utilizing his creative & enthusiastic style to effectively communicate on a variety of health/ nutrition topics, including Cannabis and CBD. In addition to his role as Chief Medical Advisor for CannaServe and CBD.ci, Doc Rob hosts a podcast, “Concierge for Better Living” on CannabisRadio.com, and launched the book series, The Cannabis Conundrum.

For more info: www.docrob.com


L. Gregory Loomar, Chief Executive Officer

An practicing Attorney for over 30 years, Greg has spent his career representing people who are buying and selling businesses, and companies in corporate, commercial and business transactions. In 2015, as the legal cannabis revolution swept across the U.S., Greg found his law firm inundated with entrepreneurs in search of advice for gaining entry to a massive new emerging market. Enter CannaServe, founded as a B2B marketplace to connect cannabis entrepreneurs with professionals and other resources with curated expertise in the space. As the company evolved, Greg’s own discovery of CBD as a sleep aid led him on a journey that convinced him that most of the industry was creating products that did more harm than good.

CannaServe, and it’s related informational sources and business units, became a force for change, creating transparency in an industry plagued by untrustworthy brands. Today, CannaServe exists to provide expert guidance on all things CBD, powered by it’s Panel of Experts and commitment to creating more awareness of the many reported benefits of the plant.


Lee Epstein, Chief Operating Officer

Lee has spent his professional career in all phases of the IT industry. Armed with a BSEE, BBA and both business and technical post graduate studies, he became a pioneer in the fledgling micro-computer industry by supplying the Dade and Broward County FL school systems with over 5000 Apple computers to ramp up their educational programs. Lee then took his skill sets to the Enterprise level and assisted a multi-billion-dollar travel company to design and implement the first online B2C leisure travel booking engine. This app is now licensed to many popular travel sites that utilize it for their cruise line booking fulfillment. Transitioning back to the entrepreneurial space, Lee assisted various companies design and implement their online presence to scale both their brand and revenue. In 2015, identifying the explosive growth and lack of information in the CBD industry, he co-founded CannaServe®


Amanda Pennings, CBD Content Strategist

Content Strategist Amanda Pennings holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Anatomy. Her scientific background allows her to transform convoluted clinical journal articles into digestible content for the average CBD consumer. Fascinated by the medicinal benefits stemmed from the complex interaction between cannabinoids and the human body, Amanda joined CannaServe in 2019, and today, is the mind and writer behind many of the company’s most engaging content. Currently, she is passionately working towards creating an overhaul of the (currently lacking) safety regulations for CBD in America through consumer education and outreach.


Derek Wright, Strategic Advisor

Derek joined the CannaServe team in 2019, bringing an entrepreneurial background that includes founding three companies, and played a key role in re-structuring the company to serve a broad consumer audience of health and wellness enthusiasts. Derek is a Boston area native, an avid Cannabis industry investor, and plays in a key role in ensuring the CannaServe brand continues to serve as a curator of the CBD industry, focused on partnering with brands that share its commitment to the highest standards of quality.

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