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California Governor Gavin Newsom signed several measures last week to regulate cannabis. In addition to a measure to maintain the compassionate distribution of cannabis to the poorest patients (free cannabis on which clinics do not pay taxes). Gavin Newsom has signed SB 185 which aims to protect cannabis’s appellations of origin.

“Consumers now rely on labeling appellations with wine. Since, the appellation system is a quality indicator here in the United States. Focusing on specific geographical areas where vine cultivation has been carried out. For years, cannabis producers have wanted the same protections and transparency alike the Californian wine industry established decades ago. “says the press release issued by the senator who proposed.

“Now law, SB 185 extends the prohibitions already provided for in the law regarding the misuse of county names for cannabis products to include protection of designations based on specific geographical areas and/or the use of similar designations on the product label. »

In short, a cannabis brand will not be able to use the name of Humboldt. A county known for its outdoor cannabis cultivation. If its product has not actually grown in Humboldt and if it is not exclusively composed of cannabis grown there.

“Therefore,customers now expect wine labeling to be a truth and this important bill ensures that distributors market products that meet the same naming criteria for Cannabis,” said Senator Mike McGuire.

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