Idaho residents seem to be sensitive to the charms of neighboring states. According to The Oregonian, an economic analysis reveals that in 2019, “marijuana sales along the Idaho border” were 420% higher than the Oregon average.

By way of explanation, the northwestern US daily points out that unlike Oregon, “recreational cannabis is not legal” in Idaho.

what an irony of 420 %. 420, ” of course,” is a slang term that refers to the use of marijuana. In fact , the term popularized in the 1970s by five California high school students, who would meet at 4:20 PM  to go in search of an abandoned field of cannabis.

Continued rapid growth

The Portland daily also points out that the Oregon Bureau of Economic Analysis has observed “a similar phenomenon on the Idaho-Washington border,” where recreational marijuana is also legal, but in much smaller proportions.

Moreover, authorities predict continued rapid growth in marijuana sales in Oregon, which are expected to exceed $200 per adult capita in 2019, over the next 10 years. They are expected to increase by about 80 % over that period, as incomes rise. So the state’s population grows and marijuana becomes more socially acceptable. An analyst said.

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