New Zealand has announced the date of its next general election. Which will coincide with the date of the referendum on the legalization of cannabis. On 19 September, New Zealanders will, therefore, have to answer a simple question. “Do you support the Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill? »

2 options on the ballot

  • Yes, I support the cannabis legalization and control bill…
  • No, I do not support the bill on the legalization and control of cannabis…

Last December, the first elements of the bill was unveiled. Minimum age set at 20 years, possession limit at 14g, consumption in public illegal while self-cultivation allowable within the limit of 2 plants, commercial licenses permissible by the government for cultivation or distribution…

The final draft bill expected to be releasable “early 2020”, and will contain more details while taking into account initial feedback from the public and the industry.

The referendum expected to be binding, with no further details on how the next government will implement cannabis legalization if it receives more than 50% support.

On the medical cannabis side, New Zealand also published its regulations last December. So , it will come into effect on 1 April this year. The draft legislation on the legalization and control of cannabis is available here

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