The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, proposed in her 2020 Program sent to legislators the passage of a bill “legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes in New Mexico and establishing a regulatory framework for its use. Besides , including public safety considerations, public health safeguards, and protection of the state’s existing medical cannabis program. »

If legislators pass such a bill, New Mexico will be the next state in the United States to end the ban on cannabis also the legislature meeting for a short 30-day session beginning January 21.

In fact during 2019, the state House of Representatives has already passed a bill to legalize the possession, use, and sale of cannabis. However , it had failed to go beyond the Senate. Legislators then sent Lujan Grisham a more limited bill to simply decriminalize cannabis possession, which she signed.

In her new appeal, the governor is also calling on legislators to pass a bill clarifying that the state’s medical cannabis program applies only to residents. A court ruled last year that patients outside the state could participate, over the objections of regulators. Nevertheless, the amendment is recommended to “protect the program and the patients.

Moreover ,2 contradictory surveys have recently been published. The first, conducted by the prohibitionist association Smart Approaches to Marijuana, estimates that 63% of voters oppose legalizing cannabis in the state. While the second, commissioned by the Governor’s Cannabis Legalization Working Group, found that 75% of voters support the reforms.

The working group has already published a bill to legalize cannabis last October. It estimated that the state would create 11,000 jobs by legalizing, with sales reaching $620 million within 5 years. The combined tax revenue from sales of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes would be estimated at $100 million per year.

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