Supporters of an election initiative to legalize cannabis for adults in Montana said Monday that they had secured at least $3 million in funding to collect the signatures needed to present their initiative for the 2020 vote.

“We are confident that we will be present for the vote,” said Pepper Petersen of New Approach Montana. “I am very confident that we can move forward with this initiative. »

New Approach Montana will be supported by New Approach PAC, a Washington-based political action committee that has helped to bring cannabis legalization measures to other states, and the Marijuana Policy Project, another advocacy group.

Therefore, if cannabis is legalized in Montana, it could generate $30 million in new tax revenue for the state.

The bill is still in the drafting stage, but the initiative will make it possible to legalize the use of cannabis for adults over 21 years of age. So,the final text should be ready to state representatives before the end of November .

Nevertheless, the 21-year restriction cannot be adoptable without amending the State’s constitution. A constitutional amendment will, therefore, have to be agreed by voters in 2020, giving the Legislative Assembly the power to set the age limit for cannabis use at 21 years.

Also,Petersen said New Approach Montana will hold municipal meetings starting early next month to gather feedback from citizens on what the measure should include. The sponsors of the initiative also want to create a system to ensure that current actors in Montana’s therapeutic cannabis industry are an essential part of the recreational sector.

Finally,Graham Boyd, director of New Approach PAC, said Monday that the group was looking forward to working with the Montana group and that “our surveys show that a strong majority of Montana voters support this policy change.

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