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The Mexican Senate Committees on Justice, Health and Law have received the proposed legalization of cannabis. The draft should be available to committee members next Thursday for a vote before the end of October, as imposed by the Supreme Court.

In November 2018, the Court ruled that the prohibition of cannabis was unconstitutional . As it violates the fundamental right to the free development of the personality. Which required the State to legalize it before 23 October 2019.

The precise form or timing of legalization is unknown. However, Senator Julio Ramon Menchaca, Chairman of the Justice Committee, gave some clues about the project:

Mexico will not promote cannabis use, but will just comply with the Supreme Court’s decision. So, the goal is to get cannabis out of illegality.

Finally, the regulatory model will be a mix between those in favor of absolute state control and those in favor of strong market freedom. Menchaca cites Colorado as an example.

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