Rosianne Cutajar, recently appointed minister in charge of reforms, said it was time to move forward on the legalization of cannabis.

Look, we’ve spent a lot of time in consultation, but now it’s time to implement it. No doubt, in the next two years we will see the implementation of the reform,” Cutajar told MaltaToday.

I have already gone through substantive reforms [of the Parliament] and I will do even more now that I have a role in the Cabinet,” she said.

With the legalization of medical cannabis in Malta and the growth of its industry, former reform minister Julia Farrugia Portelli promised the legalization of cannabis.


Last November, Rosianne Cutajar gave her support to a Maltese woman sentenced to six months in prison for growing 6.5g of cannabis.

I also do not agree that someone should be sent to prison for six months and ruin their life because of 6.5 grams of cannabis,” she said. “If we truly believe that cannabis can be harmful (even though studies dispute this), then the focus of sentencing should be on help and rehabilitation, not prison.

The Minister of Justice, Owen Bonnici, has finally proposed an update of the Maltese law on self-cultivation, proposing to give the court discretionary power to convict or not to convict a person found guilty of cultivating cannabis and able to prove that it was strictly for personal use.

Both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health of Malta support the legalization of cannabis. Health Minister Fearne said that as a doctor his medical advice would be not to smoke, whether it be cigarettes, cigars or cannabis, but that he did not want to interfere with people’s personal choices.

When it comes to what people want to do in their spare time, I leave it to them to decide, as long as they are informed about what they are doing,” he said.

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