Since December 2018, Novel Food has received 45 applications for authorization of products containing CBD from the European Commission.

The applications come mainly from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United States.

Since January 2019, the European Union (EU) considers food products containing CBD as Novel Food, a classification that requires an assessment of the products by EU authorities before they can be placed on the market, in particular, to ensure the safety of the products.

So far only 3 applications were known, 2 for synthetic CBD (for Cibdol, a Swiss company, and CBDepot, a Czech company), the other for natural CBD (Cannabis Pharma, a Czech company).

Last month, the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the UK agency responsible for public health protection in food, set a deadline for CBD companies to submit valid Novel Food applications by 31 March 2021. After that date, products that violate the deadline will not be allowed to be sold.

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