In a video broadcast by the pro-cannabis medical association La Semilla, Diego Maradona spoke out in favor of self-cultivation of cannabis for medical use, just when the Argentine government intends to change the law and is wondering whether or not to include self-cultivation.

Let’s support self-culture so that our children live better, have a much better quality of life than we do, said Maradona.

Maradona was interested because he also has an autistic son and his mother is reluctant to give him cannabis oil,” explained Arabai Rea, president of La Semilla, who was arrested a few months ago for growing oils for her grandson. Castillo explained to Maradona the various uses of cannabis oil. “And she told him that he could also use it for his tremors. He understands that self-cultivation is the only way,” Rea added.

Semilla is a group of associations that help patients to access medical cannabis and its uses.

It seems to me that Maradona is helping us to be visible. Although he doesn’t know much about the plant at the moment, he is known all over the world and that’s why we wanted to meet him, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages. This is Maradona. No matter what he has done with his life, other people’s private lives don’t matter, but this fight is important, said the president of La Semilla.

Cannabis in Argentina

Argentina is currently considering how to improve access to cannabis, which has been authorized since the end of 2017 in the form of oil. News that has now filtered through, the project envisages including self-cultivation, but also state-run production, full access to cannabis in pharmacies, as well as research and the possibility of working with national varieties.

We know that this is the way to guarantee the sustainability and quality of treatment while training those who will be responsible for enforcing the law, said Valeria Salech, president of Mamá Cultiva. referring to health and safety personnel, as well as members of the judiciary.

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