The old stuff, it is believed that they are known by heart, then come the questions! We forget too quickly that new fishermen appear each year. hemp oil is a base for almost all white fish fisheries, especially those of good size. Some people think it’s over, worn out, outdated, but you can always trust hemp oil fishing in its different forms.

Hemp seed

The seeds should always be cooked to be easily digested by the fish and not be potentially harmful. Refer to my article on hemp cooking for more information.

Remember that the hemp seeds are a true magnet with large fish, especially in the river, both in the agrainage, incorporated in the primer or mixed with casters in a feeder or a bait dropper.

Ground Hemp

Hemp can also be used ground, as part of a primer or bait (boilies, pellets), … It replaces or supplements the seeds.

Grinding hemp is not an easy task: it is a greasy seed that tends to clog the mill. I advise you to grind in small quantities or mixed with baby corn or coarse breadcrumbs.


Raw ground hemp is fat and makes a primer work well. I advise you not to do it too thin, but to remove the large particles on a sieve of 3mm, particles that may float and take the fish too far, but are full of oil. Iron them for a few seconds and they will be perfect.

Sifted ground hemp and large particles to be remolded

Detail of large particles, full of good oily particles

Ground hemp can not be kept for long, only the bare minimum. Its smell must be sweet and oily.

As such, it is a component that will work as a primer and will spread very attractive oil trails.

Proportion (by volume): 10 to 20%

Period of use: all year

Targets: depending on the grind, it will appeal to both small and large fish

Scalded Hemp

many fishermen have a weakness for this way of preparing hemp: grind it raw, then scale it. It is certainly their sadistic Japanese side!

Why scald hemp? This will make it more digestible and, very useful in summer, it will create a whitish juice, in fact, an emulsion of its oil and hot water, very attractive and nothing tracing. it’s Big fish’s love!

you can take advantage of it to mix hemp with baby corn pellet, scald it all and add sugar. It takes 2 volumes of water for 1 dry volume. After 1 hour of soaking, you will get a perfect pope to wet your primers.

Targets: carp, barbel, bream, tench, big roach, etc.

Proportion: 10-15% of the dry volume

Period of use: especially when the water is warming and in summer. It’s nourishing.

Pour 2 volumes of boiling water for 1 volume of hemp.

Hemp oil disturbs the water and forms an attractive juice

Wire rack

Good hemp oil is a must for roach and platelets. Its smell must be strong, smoked, almost chocolatey.

 I advise you to grill your hemp seeds in a little hemp oil, toast them without burning them so that they turn brown (7 minutes in a hot frying pan (medium to high heat), then 3 minutes without the fire, with a lid on the pan, it pops almost like popcorn!), let them cool, then pass them to the oven. The quality will be top!

Proportion (by volume): 10 to 20%, coupled or not with ground coriander

Period of use: all year, with a plus during the cold period

Targets: mainly roach and platelets

Grilled, but not too much, the seeds should not be black

Hemp oil Fishing

 use hemp oil to boost seed mixes containing hemp, pellets or primers. I think it’s a good thing to call the fish from a distance, without feeding it naturally. If you put it in a primer or moistened pellets, make sure to moderate the quantities, because it makes the mixture less sticky when you exaggerate!

I hope all this tips on hemp oil fishing will help you and always remember that hemp is fishermen’s old friend .

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