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The Malawi Hemp Association, a hemp development association in Malawi, is trying to persuade members of parliament to quickly put in place legislation to allow and organize the industrial hemp sector.

Jere, president of the association and director of operations for Ikaros Africa, a company that promotes the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp. He said Malawi is losing billions of kwacha in potential income. He also, added that industrial hemp is the largest market that can stimulate Malawi’s economy.

In addition, Jere claim that the Malawian government, in the absence of legislation, was delaying the granting of its license that would allow it to start growing industrial hemp and transforming its harvest into medicine. His company is currently conducting trials in the country. with an investment of more than €1.9 billion over three years (€2.3 million). To assess the viability of cannabis cultivation. Ikaros Africa works in particular with Invegrow, which received in 2013 an authorization to set up trials around hemp, to develop low THC varieties adapted to the country’s climate.

Grey Nyandule Phiri, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, . Said the government would establish the regulatory framework for the cultivation and distribution of industrial cannabis. She also said , “No one has been licensed. The government gives priority to the regulatory framework, so everyone is waiting.

So, according to her, the regulatory framework should be finalized by the end of this year.

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