One of the many therapeutic applications of hemp oil is the relief of constipation. Stomach and intestinal pains can often be soothed with hemp. Here is a look at the causes of constipation and how hemp oil might be useful.

It can be difficult to talk about constipation. Also, it can be difficult to treat because it is not a disease itself, but rather a symptom of other diseases.

Stress, irritable bowel syndrome, and even certain neurological conditions can damage your digestive system. It may also be due to menstruation or fiber deficiency in your diet, which would cause constipation. Constipation does not only make your toilet trips difficult, but it can also make them less frequent than twice a week.

If you find that you need to push hard during bowel movements more than once in four, or if you need more than one toilet, it is time to consider treatment for constipation.


Changes to your diet should be made to make sure you are well hydrated and full of fiber throughout the day.

Consult your doctor to find out what diseases or possible food allergies might have led to constipation. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may or may not recommend CBD. It is used in the case of more serious bowel diseases such as Crohn’s syndrome when your stools are almost completely liquid.

With constipation, you will find that your stools will alternate between particularly hard and particularly soft conditions. Your bowels are full of contractions and must be relaxed. This is a problem for which hemp oil could indeed help you.

Hemp oil against CONSTIPATION

Hemp oil can act as a laxative while relieving painful and uncomfortable symptoms. 

Ongoing research shows that CBD, in a way, overloads different neurons and the flow of neural pathways. Acting on the entire nervous system, cannabinoids can facilitate neuralgic connections while relaxing the mind and muscles. They are even anti-emetic to the point of stimulating the appetite again.

CBD, even isolated as an oil, can be a viable treatment with anti-anxiety properties. Once your muscles and nerves, in combination with your intestines, relax, it is easier for the material to flow. In addition to the antioxidant virtues of cannabidiol, this could be a gentle and relaxing way to cleanse your system and restore digestive harmony.

 There is also something about hemp fiber in itself that seems to show strong antiemetic properties.

The knowledge of cannabis as medicine goes back thousands of years, from the earliest writings available in China. Hemp seeds prescribed as a treatment against constipation and other ailments. The effectiveness of CBD in relieving constipation recently established in a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

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