While Brazil last week rejected the possibility of cultivating cannabis for medical purposes. The Federal Court of Brasilia immediately authorized a Brazilian company to grow hemp with less than 0.3% THC . A first in the country.

Cultivation of cannabis that is legal but not authorized

Brazilian law prohibits the cultivation of plants with which “drugs can be produced or extracted”. But allows authorizations “exclusively for medicinal or scientific purposes”. However, ANVISA, the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency, is blocking the subject. As it did last week for possible national cultivation of medical cannabis. Hemp and cannabis are treatable equally .

The decision of the Federal Court of Brasilia authorized Schoenmaker Humanko, of Terra Viva, which is a large Brazilian horticultural company, to import hemp seeds of varieties containing less than 0.3% THC for cultivation in Brazil.

In his decision, the judge authorized the company to “sell the seeds, leaves and fibers exclusively for industrial purposes, including as inputs”, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and ANVISA.

Judge Renato Coelho Borelli also , stated in the decision that hemp cannot be treatable as “marijuana” because the company “does not provide for its use for medicinal or pharmaceutical purposes, but only for the import and cultivation of seeds and then sell various products for industrial purposes. »

However, the company could supply its hemp to Brazilian pharmaceutical companies and for use in the composition of hemp-based medicines, according to a specialized magazine.

The court decision is provisional and subject to appeal.

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