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Contrary to what one might think, cannabis can help people with asthma in several ways. This may sound surprising, but the compounds in cannabis will relieve the symptoms associated with asthma attacks. If you are one of the many people who imagine someone smoking a joint with the mention of cannabis, then you should be happy that you are not alone. But, to be honest, when it comes to cannabis, it’s not all that simple.

Asthma: a primary introduction to the disease

Asthma is a long-term inflammatory and chronic disease that affects the respiratory tract of the lungs. Genetics generally plays a major role in the development of this disease. However, several other factors can trigger an asthma attack, including:

  • Pollen or dust – Different types of allergens
  • Air pollution
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • financial year
  • Respiratory infections
  • medication
  • Weather change
  • Strong emotions

Each of these stimulants can cause spasm and obstruction in the sensitive airways. Symptoms include:

  • Thoracic tightness
  • pain
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath

Does CBD help reduce asthma symptoms?

An asthma attack can happen at any time, so asthma patients carry inhalers with them at all times. Asthma symptoms can be in check when patients take their medications on time. However, not only is suffering from asthma exhausting and frustrating, but it is also very persistent. This makes conventional drugs quite useless because they contain immunomodulators and steroids. However, the question remains as to how cannabis is better than these pharmaceuticals in comparison?

Dr. Donald Tashkin began a study in 1975, where asthmatic patients were exposed to real cannabis containing 2 (THC) as a form of treatment. It was concluded from this study that patients who received a placebo recovered from bronchial spasms in one hour but those who were treated with cannabis immediately recovered from each asthma symptom. So,this has started several other studies on the same subject. Therefore,recent anecdotal reports suggest that asthma attacks can be stopped without any harmful side effects using CBD.


In 2015, an experimental study was conducted to evaluate the anti-inflammatory potential of cannabidiol. CBD (5mg/kg) was administered to an 8-week-old rat and interleukin (IL) levels. It shows that CBD treatment significantly reduced IL-4, IL-5, IL-13, IL-6, and TNF-alpha levels . Therefore it proposed that CBD could be a promising drug in modulating the inflammatory response in asthmatic patients.

Recently, Vuolo et al. conducted an experimental study in 2019 in asthmatic mice .It was noted that CBD treatment, regardless of dose, resulted in a reduction in airway hyper-responsiveness. Overall, CBD treatment reduced inflammatory and remodeling processes in the allergic asthma model.

In conclusion,CBD has attracted the attention of scientists, medical experts, and users. Now you can have a clear idea that the cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant are not bad for asthma as previously thought.

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