Insomnia, lack of appetite, epilepsy attacks… the symptoms that can be treated with medicinal cannabis are very broad. They range from simple pain to major illnesses. While its use in the treatment of multiple sclerosis or for cancer is already widespread and well documented, these are not the only diseases that can be relieved, or even cured, with cannabis.

The Concussion

In such a trauma, and according to some studies, cannabis can help to repair the damage. But beware, for the moment, this has only been demonstrated on the brain of mice, which is why we will always have to wait to see its action on the human brain. Hopes remain high because the effects of cannabis shown for other diseases could also help in this case. On the other hand, cannabis use does not prevent concussions until scientific evidence to the contrary is available.

Sickle cell disease

Behind this, the rather complicated name is an inherited genetic disease in which red blood cells will have a sickle shape that will tend to block blood flow to the capillary blood vessels in the chest, joints or abdomen. This will cause pain, inflammation or swelling. All these symptoms can be treated, as with other diseases, with cannabis. This will prevent you from using pharmaceutical products that are responsible for certain addictions. The only study carried out today on the subject shows its effectiveness in mice.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is another sexually transmitted disease. According to some studies, cannabis can help to cope with the effects of the virus and to better accept the very difficult treatment, which will sometimes cause some patients to abandon before the end. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, proved its effectiveness in a study that helped to support medications that, if abandoned, could cause chronic liver damage, cancer or cirrhosis.

Spinal cord injuries

Certainly, the lesions can be treated with cannabis, but something as serious as this will not be treated by a miracle. However, the associated pain can be relieved with CBD. To be more precise, this cannabinoid will improve the motor skills of people who have suffered damage to this part of the body. Here is the conclusion of a study conducted by members of La Fe Hospital in Valencia (Spain): Sativex was administered to 15 people for whom current medication to reduce spasticity (spasms) had not worked. Apart from two patients, who had experienced side effects and for whom treatment had been stopped, in most cases improvement was visible.


Certainly, eradicated over a large part of the world, isolated cases are still present in Africa or Asia, and even in the United States. Since the Middle Ages, cannabis has been used as a remedy to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the disease: in 1578, a treaty of traditional Chinese medicine already spoke of the plant’s use against leprosy. Also used in some distant popular cultures, such as Mexico, Malaysia or the Arab world, the plant has antibacterial properties. However, scientific innovations have allowed new drugs to keep cannabis out of the way in this fight.


Be careful, cannabis use does not protect us from HIV. To do this, as you know, go out covered, and protect yourself when you have sex with non-regular partners. The human immunodeficiency virus can be responsible for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and it is at this time that the plant can help. It will help against symptoms such as pain or nausea, or to regain appetite.

The systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

It is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack itself, its tissues and its healthy organs. It is a health problem that, as demonstrated, can also be treated with cannabis. Many Canadians use it for self-medication to reduce inflammation in joints and vital organs, such as the brain, lungs or heart. On the other hand, many American doctors and associations recommend it to their patients, while calling for more scientific research to increase knowledge on the subject and to certify the effects of cannabis against this disease.

The herpes

And we end up with a viral disease that unfortunately affects many people on the lips or genitals. Cannabis can, therefore, be a great help in relieving herpes symptoms, especially since the virus that causes this disorder cannot be eliminated by the human body. We must talk again about CBD, whose anti-inflammatory power improves the condition of those who suffer from it.

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