The symptoms of the flu are easy to recognize: sore throat, cold, cough, and sneezing give way to fever, aches, and fatigue. If you have the flu, you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. But for most adults with a healthy immune system, symptoms disappear after about a week. Even if it seems like forever.

Basically , aside from stuffing yourself with cold medicine, painkillers, and cough pills… is there anything else you can do to control your symptoms? And of course, many people trust cannabis.

No scientific journal has yet published books on this specific use of cannabis for treating the flu, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work. However, there is some evidence to suggest that symptoms can be relieved by using cannabis responsibly.

Limited research on cannabis and flu

THC, CBD, besides other cannabinoids, including CBG, are thought to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. This is the main reason people use it to fight colds and flu.

THC and CBD have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce aches and pains, relieve airway inflammation and relax you. These effects will help you get back to sleep.

Research also suggests that cannabis may have antipyretic or fever-fighting properties, due to its immunosuppressive action (to suppress the immune system), although this will also interfere with the immune system’s ability to fight certain infections. This means that, although cannabis will relieve some symptoms, it may prolong the time it takes for a virus to disappear.

These contradictions are the reason why more research on cannabis on a large scale is really needed, as so far, all studies have been conducted mainly in vitro or on rats. So far, no studies have been carried out on humans.

To use cannabis against the flu, what do I have to do?

So, do not smoke cannabis while you have the flu. It is best to stay away from smoke or steam. If you smoke, you may feel fine for a few moments, but the smoke and heat will irritate your mucous membranes more, which will increase coughing or sore throat.

In order to avoid this, you can ingest it. With ingestion, you will get all the benefits of cannabinoids without the negative side effects of burning. Nothing like a hot cup of tea to get rid of the flu. Cannabis-infused tea has become extremely popular because it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the herb less conventionally. By combining tea and cannabis against the flu, it is possible to improve sleep and general feeling.

Cannabis oil or tinctures are also popular methods of consuming cannabis without irritating the mucous membranes. Tinctures are liquid plant extracts or herbal extracts directly intended for oral use. They are also very simple to use, as you only need to let the liquid run under your tongue and let the oil be absorbed before swallowing it, so it is best to wait about a minute.

Is it safe to mix flu medicine and cannabis?

Cannabis should be used with care if you are also taking cold and flu medicine. However , some over-the-counter medications alter the way the psychoactive compounds in cannabis are processed, which can lead to a build-up of excessive effects.

There is no serious risk, but mixing cannabis with cold or flu medications could cause sedative effects and intensify drowsiness or affect cognitive function. Therefore , you may find it harder to concentrate or make decisions.

Also, many of these medicines will have side effects in sensitive users, such as dry mouth, confusion, vision problems, altered heart rate, or loss of balance. Cannabis use can make these effects worse.

Generally , to avoid the risk of side effects, if you are an occasional (or exceptional) user, wait a while before using cannabis. If you are a regular user, do not increase the usual dose when taking cold or flu medicine.

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