CBD is a cannabinoid known as a hypotensive and is beneficial for its action on the arteries. Is it effective in lowering blood pressure? How does its action affect the rigidity of the arteries? A recent scientific study clarifies its action, we explain it to you in this article.

CBD & arteries: scientific study

A recent study has just been published by a team of scientists from the University of Nottingham Medical School in the United Kingdom. The effects of acute and sustained cannabidiol dosing for seven days on the hemodynamics in healthy men: A randomized controlled trial.

In vivo studies show that cannabidiol (CBD) acutely reduces blood pressure in men. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of repeated doses of CBD on hemodynamics.

Twenty-six healthy men initially received CBD (600 mg) or placebo orally for seven days in a randomized parallel study. Cardiovascular parameters were assessed at rest and in response to isometric exercise after acute and repeated administration using the Finometer Vicorder and ultrasound scans.

the study

Compared to placebo, CBD reduced mean resting blood pressure after acute administration with an average of 2 mm Hg, but not after repeated administration. In response to stress, volunteers taking CBD had lower systolic blood pressure after repeated acute attacks. Seven days of CBD increased the diameter of the internal carotid artery, meaning that this effect was no longer observed after 7 days (tolerance).

The action of Cannabidiol on artery wall stiffness

Finally, in the CBD group, repeated dosing reduced arterial rigidity on day 7 (and improved endothelial function (flow-mediated dilatation)), compared to day 1: “Arterial rigidity is an independent risk factor that correlates better with cardiac morbidity and mortality than conventional risk factors such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol” according to a recent extension .


CBD reduces resting blood pressure after a single dose but the effect is lost after seven days of treatment (tolerance); however, the reduction in blood pressure during stress persists. The reduction in arterial stiffness and improvement in endothelial function after repeated administration of CBD are findings that warrant further investigation in populations with vascular disease.

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