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Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that while the vast majority of oncologists consider medical cannabis a “beneficial” treatment for cancer patients, they still do not want to prescribe it because of a lack of education and training on cannabis.

The new survey, conducted by the University of Colorado Cancer Center, surveyed 172 health professionals about their views on medical cannabis. As a result,73% said they “believe that medical cannabis has benefits for cancer patients”.

However, 53% of those surveyed said they did not feel comfortable recommending cannabis to their patients because of a lack of education and resources for licensed medical cannabis products.

Medical Cannabis

Dr. Ashley E. Glad, the lead author of the study, told cancer blogs in Colorado that the lack of training available for health professionals was the most likely factor to contribute:

“We asked the question but most providers did not receive training in a state where cannabis for medical purposes was legal.

“We need to adapt our health care education to include this, and also offer medical cannabis training to current providers.”

Another factor that may contribute to physicians’ lack of confidence in the prescription of medical cannabis is their concern about the legal and professional consequences of recommending cannabis, particularly those operating in states with limited or limited medical cannabis programs.

Inconsistent doses of cannabinoids have also contributed to the physician’s concern over the recommendation of medical cannabis to his patients. Glad explained:

“The problem is that it’s not regulated – a clinic can say that a product contains as much THC and CBD, but no one tests it for sure.

Interestingly, 68% of physicians reported learning more about medical cannabis from their patients than training, a medical journal, or conferences. of potentially serious failure in the education system of American health professionals.

To sum up, the medical profession must stay in tune with modern trends. As a body of evidence supporting the argument that cannabis should be offered as a first response, not a last resort, to cancer patients, the medical profession’s understanding of cannabis should also to be

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