By LeeWEpstein

May 23, 2018

           Ingredients you will need:

– Cannabis about 0.2 grams (but this is very relative, as it depends on the tolerance of the person who uses it and also on the quality of the marijuana at higher quality, less quantity)

– 10 grams of unsalted butter

– 400 ml of water or milk.  If you choose milk, you don’t need butter, you can combine this infusion with other more common ones, such as chamomile, anise or licorice.

–  And if you need to sweeten it, use natural ingredients, such as honey or agave syrup.


1) Grind the cannabis in the smallest possible way. You can do it manually or use a grinder.

2) put the water and butter to heat over low heat. When it starts to boil, put out the fire.


1) Grind the cannabis with a grinder.

2)  Take a cup of regular tea with its sieve and add the ground cannabis to it and pour the water with the butter on it.

3) Cover and let stand for 3 to 5 minutes. After this period, the infusion is ready.

      In a second option, we will prepare a cannabis infusion with milk.

The first step is the same, in the second, instead of heating the water, put the milk in and once it starts to boil, pour it over the marijuana you will have in the infuser tea cup. The rest time will be the same.

In both cases, if you prefer, you can take another clean strainer and filter the infusion again (infusion of water or milk, without passing the marijuana, just the infusion), to make sure that there is no trace of grass left in your drink. if you want, as I said earlier, you can add a natural sweetener.

         Properties of cannabis infusion:

  Certainly, if you tell more than one person that you are going to take a cannabis infusion, they would not believe that it will be a very healthy drink. the truth is that you will be interested to know that it has the following advantages:   Relieves nausea, reduces anxiety and depression, improves cardiovascular health, prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease, reduces headaches, sleep better.

It is true that everything will depend on the variety of marijuana you use.  This form of cannabis use is really practical and appropriate for those who use it for medical reasons. Its effects are softer and the way to take it, as you know, much simpler, as well as the way it is prepared.

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