Cannabis flour is a base for cooking with heads. Perfect the art and you’ll have “fairy dust” powder to sprinkle on all your favorite recipes. Like cannabutter, cannabis flour is super easy to make.

The advantages? You get a real cannabis touch without the intense smell of cannabutter. Disadvantages? There is a real aftertaste of weed in foods baked with this type of flour.

The good news is that once you master it, there are no rules. You can add Cannabis Flour to any recipe. It will also keep for months if stored properly. As a general rule, try not to replace more than ¼ of the flour requirements of your recipes with Cannabis Flour. When it comes to cannabis foods, remember that the best is the enemy of the good in terms of quantity.

In order to be able to prepare your Cannabis Flour properly, the cannabis itself must first be decarboxylated and finely ground.

The preparation and storage of your Cannabis Flour is extremely important. Cannabis flour should be as dry as possible to avoid mold growth during storage. It is also important to remove the stems and seeds before you start. Leaving them in the mix can give your flour and recipes a very bitter taste.


Cannabis flowers, branches, and leaves

Coffee grinder/mixer

Cooking plate


Preheat your oven to 115°C

Decompose your cannabis flowers; if you add branches and leaves, try to separate them.

Spread the ground cannabis on the hotplate.

Cook for 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes or so.

Take the cannabis out of the oven to cool it down.

Grind your cannabis in a blender or food processor to a super fine consistency.

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

How to use cannabis flour

There are two ways for using and storing Cannabis Flour. The first is to store the cannabis and flour separately until it is used in the recipe. Others prefer to mix the flour and cannabis before storage. In general, most people use twice as much flour as ground cannabis. In other words, a ratio of flour to weed of 2:1.

However, in recipes, do not replace more than ¼ of the total amount of flour needed for your recipe with Cannabis Flour. Otherwise, you’ll have Cannabis Flour foods that may accidentally launch you into space orbit.

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