By LeeWEpstein

February 19, 2020

Cannabis companies are now the main sponsors of the clean-up of Colorado’s highways. In particular, to circumvent the ban on cannabis advertising.

Colorado offers civil organizations, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals the opportunity to contribute financially to the collective effort to keep Colorado’s roads and rest areas clean. In exchange for a monthly payment, the Adopt a Highway program rewards its generous donors by placing thank you signs at the side of the road.

As a result, the 51 cannabis clinics, growers, manufacturers and processors that are members of the program sponsor approximately 198 miles of highway. Or 66% of the sponsored routes, although they represent less than half of all organizations participating in the program.

These billboards are most often located near the exits leading to the store in question. Circumventing the ban on cannabis advertising on television, radio, social media and in print media. According to the Ministry of Transportation rules, Adopt Highway signs should not serve as an advertising medium . And, therefore, not included in the cannabis advertising rules.

Last year, Colorado lawmakers approved a bill that allows cannabis companies to advertise outdoors. For example on billboards, as long as they are at least 150 meters from schools, playgrounds, and places of worship. And comply with local restrictions.

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