By LeeWEpstein

September 8, 2020


In the documentary “Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President,” the former President of the United States not only confirms that Willie Nelson smoked in the White House, but reveals that his smoking companion was none other than his son, Chip Carter.

When Willie Nelson wrote his autobiography,” Carter said in the documentary trailer, “he confessed that he had smoked cannabis in the White House and said his companion was one of the White House employees. He was one of my sons.

Jimmy Carter seems to be smiling as he makes this revelation and later reveals that it was Chip Carter, who was 28 years old at the time and was known for his friendships with NORML founder Keith Stroup.

Willie Nelson, an American country music singer, and pro-legalization icon had been more discreet about this anecdote. In his memoirs published in 1988, Willie wrote: “‘Sitting on the roof of the White House in Washington, DC late at night with a beer in one hand and a big Austin Torpedo in the other.
My companion on the roof told me about what I saw and how the streets of Washington looked. I let the weed cover me with a nice cloud. I guess the rooftop of the White House is the safest place to smoke marijuana.

In one of his books in 2015, Willie Nelson wrote about how Chip “pulled a joint” and said, “I think it’s time to make one, Willie if you don’t mind.


I accepted the offer,” wrote Willie Nelson. “The smoke dampened my excitement. There I was smoking grass and watching the city lights flicker like fireflies. As I got drunk on the roof of the White House, you can’t help but turn inward. Some philosophical questions come to my mind, like, How did I get here?

Jimmy Carter was the first American president to proclaim that cannabis should be legal. Carter had even asked Congress to decriminalize it in March 1977, during his initial 100 days in power, but failed to do so. His successor, Ronald Reagan, launched the war on drugs.

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