By LeeWEpstein

April 13, 2020


Over the past six years, cannabis dispensaries have moved from a situation in which they were concerned about federal raids to a situation in which they are considered essential enterprises by their respective state Governments in the event of a national pandemic. The evolution has not stopped there either: members of the cannabis and CBD industries are mobilizing to assist both front-line workers and members of the general public affected by the coronavirus.

Cannabis companies are making efforts for those most in need

For example, even Senator Cory Gardner recognized the efforts of Colorado’s cannabis industry in a speech to the Senate in March.

“In a unique way in Colorado, you have hemp companies that now produce cotton buds for medical needs. You have whiskey distilleries that produce hand sanitizers for hospitals for home health care,” Gardner said.

“We have the protective equipment that is donated by the Denver Broncos and the marijuana industry, as well as many other Colorado companies that are taking steps we are all proud of.

Cannabis & CBD companies taking action against coronavirus

Also, Gardner did not specify which companies were making an extra effort, so we decided to share some of the marijuana and hemp companies providing free and discounted products, employment opportunities and other services for people affected by the pandemic.

Free cannabis

GREEN DOT LABS: This Boulder-based cannabis extractor also grows much of the fine herb used in the extraction process, and its owners, Alana and Dave Malone, now want to donate it. According to the company, “hundreds” of quarter-ounce flower pots will be donated to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Green Dot is accepting nominations until tomorrow, April 8; they are looking for people who have lost their jobs or loved ones to the virus, who risk their health by going to work, and more.

Free CBD

NEWS LEAF BRAND: Denver-based NewLeaf Brands will offer a free pack of CBD samples worth approximately $50 to anyone unemployed or at risk due to the impact of the coronavirus. The sample pack includes each of the following items: a CBD ballpoint pen, tea and CBD capsules, and a CBD dog treat for pet owners.

FLORAL MERCANTILE: Lakewood-based Flora’s Mercantile & Hemp Emporium distributes 2,000-milligram vials of CBD dye to anyone working in healthcare businesses or clinics, and is open to other legitimate requests.

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