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The Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, Albert Bryan Jr, has announced that he wants to pass an amendment to legalize recreational cannabis.

If the measure proposed by Governor Albert Bryan Jr. (D) adopted. The U S Virgin Islands became the third U S territory to legalize cannabis. After Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

“This amendment creates a regulated system, allows tourists[to consume it] and increases the Virgin Islands government’s tax revenue,” Bryan said at a press conference, calling cannabis “a new revolution that has taken over the country.

The legislature will consider this amendment on 18 December next. Considering it as an addition to the current medical cannabis program. Medical cannabis was legalized earlier this year but still not in execution , as regulatory appointments blocked under the Legislative Assembly.

If cannabis is legalized, its medical use will not be abolished and patients will still need to obtain a medical card. Adult consumers will also need to obtain a card to be able to buy or grow crops from the age of 21.

The proposal provides for the tax revenue generated by cannabis sales . in order to replenish the pension system for failing government employees (GERS). All cannabis sales tax at 30% rate.

Cannabis to where

Governor Albert Bryan acknowledged that the current Medical Cannabis Act would not generate enough revenue for the territory. The Governor expects annual revenues of $20 million from the new structure.

In fact, tourism should play a role in these revenues. The territory will offer visitors daily “passes”. People come here to relax and spend their holidays. Said Bryan, pointing out that tourists should forfeit $10 a day to enjoy the legal cannabis system. “We have the products they are familiar with at home. »

“At its peak, we welcomed 2.1 million visitors in one year,” he said. “With a $10 pass and, for example, 10 percent of smokers, this already represents $2 million a day. »

Clinics will have to sell at least 70% of cannabis from local farms, which would seem to mean that they may be able to produce 30% of their cannabis.

The bill will recognize the sacramental use of cannabis for the Rastafarian community. It will also provide the opportunity for the Rastafarian community to cultivate and open cannabis clinics.

The neighboring British Virgin Islands is also considering legalizing cannabis.

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