By LeeWEpstein

December 12, 2019

The Uruguayan Senate unanimously approved yesterday a bill regulating medical cannabis that aims to improve patients’ access to cannabis. It invites the Ministry of Public Health to include these products in the national health system and also allows small and medium-sized producers to produce oils and medicines, subject to minimum quality standards.

Senator Daniel Garín said that with this project, Uruguay is making its “contribution to giving guarantees to citizens who now find in cannabis a solution to serious diseases”.

According to the latest figures, 24% of the Uruguayan population would be willing to use medical cannabis. But only 10% do so. Of this part, only one third does so from legal products, the others through the black market.

The bill attempts to open up access to cannabis treatment, through a lower price than recreational cannabis . Also , guaranteed and reproducible quality, as well as its easy and rapid availability.

The Institute for Cannabis Regulation and Control will thus establish a certification and quality control system. Through the distribution of licenses to cannabis producers and processors. The latter has 60 days to apply with the ICARC. The Ministry of Public Health will also , implement a medical cannabis program to include these treatments in the national health system.

The distribution of medical cannabis will continue to be made in pharmacies, which was legalized in 2013.

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