By LeeWEpstein

November 25, 2019

Convened in October after the failure of the Brexit negotiations, the general election on December 12 will designate the next 650 members of Parliament. Detailed proposals, ranging from economics to Brexit or the health system, are set out in each party’s manifestos before the general election.

The Liberal Democrats published their 96-page election manifesto, with the slogan Stop Brexit, Build A Brighter Future. Among their proposals, also,the legalization of cannabis.

Cannabis in UK

The Lib-Dem report the failure of prohibitionist policies that rely on fear rather than fact: “The prohibitionist attitude of Labor and Conservative governments towards drug use has been motivated by fear and not by evidence. Therefore,it has failed to address the social and medical problems that drug abuse can cause individuals and their communities,” the manifesto describes.

In Fact,they want to take a different approach and reform access to cannabis through a regulated cannabis market in the United Kingdom, with a robust licensing approach, building on the good practices of the American and Canadian examples. The manifesto presents 3 major points:

  • Entrust drug policy to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and more to the Ministry of the Interior, and also, invest heavily in support services for drug addicts.
  • Consider persons arrested for possession of personal use drugs as persons in need of treatment and impose civil penalties rather than imprisonment
  • Breaking the grip of criminal gangs by introducing a legal and regulated market for cannabis: limits on power levels and sale of cannabis through authorized sales outlets to adults over 18 years of age.

Liberal Democrats Programs

The Liberal Democrats will support and encourage clinical trials on the medical use of cannabis. They also want to allow those who already use cannabis to manage their pain to do so without fear of criminal prosecution.

The economic argument is also advanced. Legalization could bring in over £1.5 billion through sales in licensed stores, they say. Community policing is also an important objective, with the promise of an investment of £1 billion to assign 2 new police officers to each neighborhood. So,Officers would immediately receive a 2% salary increase.

While going less far, the Labor Party also has some program points on cannabis, namely moving from criminalization of drug use to a public health approach, reviewing the medical cannabis prescription system to facilitate its access and a call for a Royal Commission on all drugs.

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