By Lucas De Vries

December 5, 2019
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at the University of Auckland in New Zealand have just received final approval
from the New Zealand government to conduct a study on LSD micro dosing, the first
of its kind.

The principle of micro-dosing, or micro-consumption, is to take a substance in small quantities . In order to benefit from its cellular effects without triggering perceptible effects. For example, the intoxicating effects of LSD or cannabis.

In fact , LSD microdosing has been extremely popular among some Silicon Valley technical managers in recent years. Users then claim that they have more developed senses, increased awareness and an increased ability to solve complex problems. The only problem with these claims is that they have never been scientifically verified due to the status of LSD in most countries.

Users report improvements in mood, well-being, attention, and cognition, so that’s what we’re going to measure,” Suresh Muthukumaraswamy, the study’s principal investigator,said. “We will give microdoses via very closely controlled prescriptions to be taken at home. This will be a more realistic assessment of what microdosing actually does.

To let experimental subjects, take a controlled psychedelic such as LSD is not commonplace. Therefore, most studies involving LSD require subjects to remain in a supervised environment while the molecule is working. In some countries, LSD-assisted psychotherapy follows a similar procedure, in which patients take the drug in a clinic. Since LSD microdosing intend to improve daily life without interfering with people’s functioning, it seems logical to let subjects evolve in their environment.

Basically ,the study will initially focus on 40 male participants.

The research team now needs funds to develop as much research on this psychedelic as possible, to pass brain MRIs, electroencephalograms or clinical trials from this research. A fundraiser has been set up.

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