By LeeWEpstein

February 5, 2020

The Super Bowl LIV saw Kansas City win over the San Francisco 49ers. The show attracted 102 million spectators and earned nearly $400 million in advertising revenue.

And if the alcoholics have a good life during this oversized show, some companies still don’t have the right to screens.

In 2019, Acreage Holdings was indeed refused airtime by CBS.

The company was prepared to pay $5 million for its spot, but CBS does not accept advertising for cannabis, even though Acreage’s activities are legal in the states where it operates.

The spot was primarily trying to push for the legalization of medical cannabis at the federal level.

The advertisement featured three people: a boy who had hundreds of seizures a day that was not relieved by traditional treatments, a man addicted to opioids, and a veteran who was in great pain after having his leg amputated.

Each attested to the effect of cannabis on his comfort level.

Thirty-three states in the United States have legalized therapeutic cannabis. The federal government has not yet legislated on the subject but has authorized the sale of a first cannabis-based drug, Epidiolex, for people with epilepsy.

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