By LeeWEpstein

October 18, 2019

In the latest issue of the Daredevil comic book, Wilson Fisk aka the Caïd (or Kingpin in VO) tries to adapt to his new costume as mayor of New York City. While Fisk dines with the city’s elite, the subject of the legalization of cannabis is discussed. And Fisk being Fisk, he is obviously not talking about social justice or a liberal advance, but about business.

In the passage in question, Wilson Fisk develops:

I have land to grow. I have the best people in the world to grow it. The biggest obstacle was to ensure that the rules for obtaining a sales license were in my favor and favor of no one else. But it’s went well so far.

The Marvel Universe never hesitates to integrate real legal evolutions into its narrative. New York should legalize cannabis next year, and has already decriminalized it pending further action. Marvel has thus integrated evolution intelligently and intriguingly.

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