By LeeWEpstein

November 1, 2019

Finnish Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo has just declared herself in favor of legalizing cannabis for possession and personal use. A public statement following a popular initiative to decriminalize cannabis, to which Finnish citizens have just answered YES.

Our Finnish friends, who do not do much like their Scandinavian neighbors, have decided to take the weed by the horns and collectively question themselves on Cannabis,so a popular initiative was launched a few weeks ago in this direction.


And the least we can say is that the Finns responded with more than 58,000 signatures in favor of this online citizen action called:

“Citizens’ initiative to eliminate the criminalization of cannabis use” 


In fact,the initiative proposes decriminalization that would effectively eliminate sanctions for:

  • Cannabis consumption.
  • Possession/transport of small quantities of Cannabis for personal use.
  • Permission to grow a few plants at home.

By the way,the man behind this brilliant initiative is Tapani Karvinen, a very politically active citizen, close to the Pirate Parties of Europe and Finland.

Moreover,it is a debate for which he had to fight in a climate of general censorship, starting with social networks.

The law now requires parliament to debate and then vote on what has become a draft law. Besides,after an introduction to the parliamentarians, there remain 3 months for the bearer of the initiative to submit a draft formatted for the vote of the parliamentarians.

Is this likely to succeed…… Well, so far not masses, but thanks to Maria Ohisalo, the Finnish Minister of the Interior, things have just changed!

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