By LeeWEpstein

December 3, 2019

Recent changes in the European register of authorized cosmetic ingredients (CosIng) now include the possibility of using extracts from cannabis leaves, according to information revealed available on the European website.

The Context

Cannabidiol added to Annex II (Prohibited Substances List) of the EU Cosmetics Regulation . Due to the classification of cannabis in international treaties, including “all substances listed in Tables I and II of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs signed in New York on 30 March 1961”. Which includes cannabis, cannabis resin and cannabis extracts and tinctures.

Therefore, CBD cannot be usable in cosmetic products in Europe. However, the definitions provided by the above-mentioned UN Convention stipulate that CBD cannot be extracted from either “flowers/buds” or ” separate-resin ” (as these lead to higher percentages of THC) from the plant.


As a result, only CBD (natural CBD or synthetic CBD) is acceptable in cosmetics in Europe, as indicated in the CosIng:

Cannabidiol as such, regardless of its source, is not in the list in the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. However, its use in cosmetic products (II / 306) is not allowable if it comes from an extract, tincture or cannabis resin in accordance with the Single Convention. Please note that national legislation on controlled substances may also apply.

Natural extracts (leaves and flowers), according to the catalog, were therefore prohibited until now.

Flowers are still forbidden

cannabis flower extracts are therefore always prohibitory substance in cosmetics. But a process is underway to allow the use of cannabis roots, but the use of flowers remains “problematic”, even in the medium term.

The EIHA also points out that hemp extracts are made from a starting material already low in THC, which is then purified to remain within the limits set by the regulatory authorities. “Thus, because of their low THC content, these products cannot in practice be abused, nor can the THC be recuperated. Cannabis plant extracts” thus become “products not covered by the 1961 Convention” – they are neither narcotic drugs nor psychotropic substances”, the EIHA added.

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