By LeeWEpstein

August 4, 2020


Swiss customs officials refunded around 35$ million (CCHF 33 million) to producers and sellers of low THC cannabis in June after the Federal Court had overturned the tobacco tax on light cannabis.

The Swiss CBD sellers had filed a lawsuit to protest the 25% sales tax imposed on their products as tobacco substitutes. The Federal Court in Lausanne had ruled that there was indeed no legal basis for imposing a tobacco tax on CBD products.

After a thorough analysis of the rulings, the Federal Customs Administration has now decided to reimburse all manufacturers affected by the tobacco tax in question,” the customs agency wrote in June.

The unduly levied taxes have thus refunded to the tune of 33 million Swiss francs. Hemp flower sellers who had paid, but were not contacted by the agency were encouraged to fill out a form on its website to recover the tobacco tax paid on cannabis flowers.

The Federal Customs Administration noted that, while the financial burden of indirect taxes such as tobacco tax passed on to the consumer, it is not in a position to verify whether sellers of light cannabis were reimbursing their customers. The agency, therefore, encouraged customers to contact the seller or manufacturer.

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