By LeeWEpstein

July 30, 2020


Californians will soon be able to indulge their appetite for food and fulfill the munchies with the arrival of a new delivery service for THC-infused pizzas in Los Angeles.

About four years ago, I started making cannabis dinners here in New York City, things like steak, lobster, shrimp – high-end dinners,” says Barrett, Pizza Pusha. And the pizza came as a snack for my dinners and just took off. And at some point, I stopped making dinners and focused on pizza, and it’s been three years now.

Stoned Pizza’s star dish, not unlike Cambodian specialties, is, of course, the pizza, which contains 40 mg of THC per slice and 8 servings. But their menu also includes THC-infused chicken wings, drinks, and desserts such as cheesecake, cookies, and brownies.

We don’t just have pizza. We have garlic bread, we have sodas. We have four different flavors of soft drinks. Canna Cola, Orange Kush, Stoned Sprite and Grape Ape,” says comedian Jack Thriller, brand ambassador. We even have vegan pizzas so that everyone can have their fill! .

Until now, Stoned Pizza has operated in the New York and New Jersey gray market. But to establish itself in California, Stoned Pizza partnered with Freeway Rick Ross, a former and famous dealer who sold $1 billion worth of cocaine in the 1980s. Who convicted of life in prison, his sentence reduced on appeal. He released from prison in 2009 and 10 years later obtained a license to operate a legal cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles.

Stoned Pizza is currently fine-tuning the final regulatory details and hopes to arrive in Los Angeles this fall.

Right now, we’re opening our first store, but we’re going to open as an In-N-Out,” Barrett says. “We’re going to open everywhere.

Stoned Pizza is also looking for investors who, like Ross, have had problems with US drug policy.

We’re reaching out to all the people who have been victims of the war on drugs, and we’re looking to invest with those people to give back to them,” says Thriller.

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