By LeeWEpstein

January 9, 2020

A move to legalize adult cannabis has officially qualified for the November election in South Dakota.

The proposed constitutional amendment, submitted by a former federal prosecutor last September, would allow adults 21 years and older to possess and distribute up to 1 ounce (28g) of cannabis. Self-cultivation would also be allowed, with a limit of three cannabis plants per person.

In parallel, a separate campaign to legalize medical cannabis in South Dakota also submitted the number of signatures required and valid to qualify for the 2020 ballot. Therefore , both measures will be presented at the next election in November.

So , under the cannabis legalization proposal, the South Dakota Department of Revenue would be responsible for licensing producers, processors and retail stores. Sales of cannabis products would taxed at 15%, which would be usable to finance the implementation of legalization, public education, besides the state’s general treasury.

Also, the proposal obliges the state to legalize medical cannabis and to allow the sale of hemp by 1 April 2022. If the separate legalization initiative for medical cannabis is approved, however, this specific provision would not apply.

The signature threshold for the initiative on medical cannabis as a statutory measure (16,961 signatures) was lower than for the broader legalization measure, which is a proposed constitutional amendment (33,921 signatures).

At least 19 US states could legalize cannabis use by 2020.

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