By LeeWEpstein

January 16, 2020

In order to reduce delivery costs, Squad Drone has announced its intention to deliver hemp and cannabis products by drone from March 2020 in Seattle.

We expect that the entire industry will adopt this as appropriate,” said Justin Costello, CEO of GRN Holding Corporation, who signed a non-committal letter of intent to purchase Squad Drone. He believes that the drones significantly reduce the costs associated with moving cannabis from distributor to customer.

All flights will be controlled by a command center in Seattle and operated by a licensed pilot,” Costello continued. “We plan to hire approximately 20 employees in the different cities to connect the drones to the load ports, calibrate them and ensure that the secure housings and computer systems meet the flight requirements.

A drone delivery: really?

This is not the first time that a company announces that it will “soon” deliver cannabis by air. In 2015, we mentioned Trees, which was to deliver cannabis by drone to San Francisco. In the meantime, California has banned this delivery system for cannabis, as well as that of autonomous cars.

And while drone delivery may reduce delivery time, is it really environmentally friendly? Drone batteries must indeed be charged regularly.

A study published last year in the journal Transportation Research concluded that UAVs were preferable for delivering a few packages at a time, while ground-based utilities are better able to transport large quantities to more densely populated areas.

Squad Drone has tested 6 drones in the last year. The machines will be capable of handling 40 kilograms of product and are equipped to operate over a range of 10 kilometers, thanks to a “GPS navigation system and digital signature interface”. They will also be able to accept payments, thanks to the installation of an iPad with the CannaTrac cashless payment system.

Fundamentally, the cost of operating and running a UAV is 1/10th of the cost of a pickup truck,” said Tom Gavin, CEO of CannaTrac. “So, it’s not just about changing an industry based solely on legislation or technology, but it will also change the industry, its safety and cost savings.

Amazon has been working on drone deliveries for several months, without having found conclusive regulatory solutions for the moment. SquadDrone announces deliveries in 40 days from today. The time it takes for clever kids to train birds to attack drones full of weed?

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