By Lucas De Vries

January 10, 2020
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After partnering with popular CBD brands such as Lord Jones and Herbivore. Sephora, one of the world’s leading beauty retailers, is taking a different approach. The $4 billion company is starting the year 2020 by partnering with Saint Jane. A new independent beauty company from the CBD. This partnership is Sephora’s largest investment in the CBD to date.

As of January 10. Saint Jane products will appear in 281 Sephora stores in 22 states across the U S.

The cultural change and membership that the CBD has undergone over the past 2 years are reflected in the evolution of Sephora’s business model. When they launched their partnership with Lord Jones in 2018. Only 171 of their stores carried the products. Even though Lord Jones was already a popular brand, popular with celebrities and beauticians.

Casey Georgeson, founder, and CEO of Saint Jane surprised with Sephora’s investment in the company. “Even with my experience, to be perfectly honest, I figured there was no way Sephora would do this. We’re not even a brand yet. We have 100 followers on Instagram,” she tells Forbes. Georgeson is a veteran of the company, having worked with Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D and Disney for Sephora.

St. Jeanne is only 1 year old, but it received a great reception and praise from all kinds of users and media . Today, their products are available in stores such as Neiman Marcus, Space NK, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saint Jane, instead of claiming that CBD is a miracle drug like many other beauty brands. Chooses to view the compound as a vitamin, which works extremely well when combined with the right compounds and properties. Their products come from sustainable hemp farms owned by women and contain the highest concentration of CBD per facial serum on the market.

As the [beauty] industry becomes more and more knowledgeable about cannabis, people are starting to see it as a supplement – a healthy ingredient rather than a psychoactive one, says Georgeson.

A Lot of talk about the CBD and the obstacles it faces in gaining FDA approval and gaining the trust of its users through scientific support. Although this issue shows no signs of short-term resolution , the beauty industry is still very much in love with the CBD.

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