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Rhode Island agencies have proposed new regulations on the sale of medical marijuana. That would require out-of-state patients to present state identification as proof of residence.

Last year,
state legislators began allowing clinics to sell to out-of-state residents, and
6,500 people who lived in Rhode Island changed their patient card addresses in
California, according to the Providence Journal.

patients turn to California because the rules on the patient card are more
flexible than in Rhode Island, according to the newspaper.

Californian card) was easier to pay… I don’t earn money and I have a lot of
medical bills to pay,” says Alexa Coffey.

Critics of the proposal to provide out-of-state patients with identification say that Rhode Island’s rules are already very complicated. Besides, they fear that this may lead patients to buy on the black market or in Massachusetts.

“We need to stop blowing people up in hoops”. Said Jeff Pietrefesa, retail director of the Greenleaf Compassion Center. The Ministry of Business Regulation will accept public comments until December 21

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