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By LeeWEpstein

September 20, 2019

John Legend enters the cannabis industry in partnership with Plus Products Inc. of San Mateo.
As an investor, the American star will defend the company’s new products, which will launch on Tuesday across the country.
PLUS, the company behind California’s best-selling THC-based edible products announced the national launch of its first 100% CBD hemp product line.

I have believed in the benefits of the CBD for some time, Legend said in a statement. “Team Plus caught my attention because it is an innovative family business that uses science to offer a superior and consistent product.
I recognize that they committed to setting high standards in an industry that is not yet well regulated. “

The new CBD Plus range will include edible gelatins called Uplift with a grapefruit and vitamin B taste. There are also edible gelatins with blueberry, black tea, and melatonin flavors.

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