By LeeWEpstein

April 15, 2020


The minority Democratic party Somos Perú presented a document to the Peruvian Congress that aims to halve the amount of cannabis allowed per person, currently set at eight grams of weed and 2 grams of its derivatives. As the marijuana industry makes its way around the world, in Peru it is introducing a bill to amend the criminal law.

According to the Somos Perú party, this initiative is aimed at attacking drug trafficking networks and small dealers and discouraging the use of cannabis. The political party alleges that cannabis use causes, among other things, neurochemical disorders in the brain, mood changes, family problems, cardiovascular problems, pregnancy problems, sexual dysfunction.

The bill also addresses the amounts of other drugs that are allowed. These include cocaine paste base (from 5 grams to 1 gram) and cocaine hydrochloride (from 2 grams to 1 gram). The text provides for no limit on the possession of ecstasy, which is currently prohibited above 200 milligrams.

Reversal of the development of medical cannabis

The proposal to limit the authorized quantities of cannabis goes against the development of medical cannabis in the country. The country legalized it in 2017 and has just granted its first license to import and sell medical cannabis to the Canadian company Khiron Life Sciences Corp, which already operates in Colombia.

Khiron Life Sciences has signed an exclusive agreement with Farmacia Universal S.A.C, a Peruvian laboratory that manages a network of 10 pharmacies. The latter will process the cannabis grown in Colombia by Khiron and distribute it to its pharmacies in Peru.

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