By Lucas De Vries

December 13, 2019
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medical cannabis patients and producers can enjoy a party as the country
rejoins several South American neighbors in the booming market.

Although Peru first legalized cannabis oil for medical purposes 2 years ago, it took a long time for the government to pass legislation to sanction any additional economic activity.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Ministry of Health approved the legal technical document entitled Guidelines for the Medical Use of Cannabis and its Derivatives.

The publication of the guidelines allows companies to apply for research, wholesale import or retail, in addition to production licenses, which have been described in previous legal documents.

The canopy is literally

In fact , some large companies have positioned themselves upstream of legalization.

Canopy Growth Corporation therefore , announced in January that it had launched a production company in Peru. Through its Latin American subsidiary Canopy LATAM, Spectrum Cannabis Peru was created as part of the global expansion of weed behemoth also, in a stated effort to reduce stigma and educate health professionals in the region about medical applications.

So, the stated objective of the new legislation is to protect Peruvian citizens who use cannabis for medical purposes.

In fact , health is an indispensable condition for human development and a fundamental means of achieving individual and collective well-being. Health protection is in the public interest. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the State to regulate, monitor and promote it,” it states.

Peru first
legalized medical cannabis oil in 2017 with strong political support following
a raid on a small production company, which mainly involved parents making
extracts to treat their epileptic children.

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