By LeeWEpstein

September 9, 2020



To minimize the risk of overdose, which is higher when a user uses a syringe than when smoking, Norway now allows drug addicts to inhale heroin under medical supervision. A specially equipped first consumption room (narcosala) was launched in Oslo on August 31. 

A narcos room where consumers can smoke heroin was opened in the Norwegian capital on August 31 on the occasion of International Overdose Awareness Day. A solution to reduce the overdose rate among drug users by encouraging them to smoke rather than inject drugs, being the highest risk in this case. 

Norwegian health organizations have been trying for years to persuade people to replace injected heroin with smoked heroin. “When the plunger of the syringe is pressed, the dose enters the bloodstream. Then the circuit can’t be reversed,” said specialist nurse Christina Livgard, who monitors patients in Oslo’s narcosala. And she explains that the consequences are different when a drug addict smokes drugs because he “falls asleep before inhaling too much.” You can’t continue if you’ve fallen asleep.

A well-ventilated room

It was the amendment of the Injection Rooms Act in 2019 that expanded the list of drugs that can be consumed in injection rooms and offered users the opportunity to use other methods of consumption. First, it was necessary to build a well-ventilated room with a cabin.

The  statement of the first user who smoked in the new narcos: “I am happy because what I love most is smoking. “I have been using cannabis for 10-15 years and have never had an overdose.

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