By LeeWEpstein

February 24, 2020

National Football League (NFL) professionals will no longer face suspensions if they test positive for cannabis . Under a new collective agreement approved by team owners last Thursday. The agreement now circulates among the players. Who expected to review the new terms with their representatives in a conference call.

If the agreement is ratified, the league will implement several changes to its drug policy regarding the use of cannabis by players. The new policy would reduce penalties for players who test positive for THC. Including the elimination of suspensions for a single positive test result. According to a fact sheet published by the NFL Players Association that covers the key terms of the agreement.

The new rules will also reduce the number of players tested for THC . Also shorten the window in which they tested. From 4 months to just 2 weeks at the start of training camp each season. The limit for THC metabolites detected in a screening test would also be from 35 mg/ml to 150 mg/ml in blood.

Major League Baseball also announced changes to its cannabis policy. Revealing in December that it would remove cannabis from its list of banned substances. Although cannabis testing for major league players had been discontinued since 2006, minor league players were still tested for THC and were subject to disciplinary action if they tested positive.

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