By Lucas De Vries

January 8, 2020
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New York
lawmakers are expected to return to Albany this week for the start of the new
legislative session and the second year of near-total Democratic control of the
state government.

In last year’s session, the Democrats, who wrenched control of the state Senate from the Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections, passed a tsunami of bills so desired by the Liberals. This year, for instance , they have to tackle complicated issues that have yet to be voted on, including GPA, euthanasia, health insurance and the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Tax revenue dispute

Attempts to
legalize recreational cannabis failed in New York last year. But Governor
Andrew Cuomo said legalization is again a top priority this year.

The major
sticking point was ‘allocating state revenues from cannabis production and
sales. And there are still hesitations among several Democrats in the Senate.

I think people are starting to agree, but there are still issues to be addressed,” said Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who leads the Senate majority.

governor lobbied for the revenues to go to the general state fund, while
Democrats want the money to go to more specific purposes.

There is certainly a desire to ensure that the revenue generated is used not only for the state but also for the communities of color” that have been affected by the cannabis laws, Stewart-Cousins said.

In fact , Cuomo wants New York, Connecticut, and other neighboring states to work together on recreational cannabis policies. However , several Democratic governors in the Northeast who support legalization have had their proposals blocked by more hesitant legislators.

A Very Difficult Fiscal Year

A looming
$6 billion deficit fuelled by soaring Medicaid costs and the potential
political fallout from the end of cash bail for New Yorkers accused of
non-violent crimes should also be a focus for legislators this year. Labor
groups also hope that legislators will pass laws to protect workers in the
collaborative economy.

Andrew Cuomo kicked off his year in his annual State of the State address on

We’re going into January in a hurry. Said Senator Gustavo Rivera, the Democrat who heads the Senate Health Committee. So , we’re going to do it in a very, very difficult fiscal year.

Moreover , republicans, facing a difficult election year, intend to criticize the rollout of new bail reforms and oppose tax hikes.

Cuomo has
announced elements of its 2020 program in recent weeks.

announced so far include proposed restrictions on spray advertising and a ban
on single-use plastic take-out containers. The three-term governor, whose
administration is preparing a budget proposal, has warned advocacy groups,
legislators and state agencies not to expect major spending initiatives.

legislative session will end on 2 June, ahead of the national primary elections
on 25 June.

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