By LeeWEpstein

January 7, 2020

Officials at an event in New Mexico agreed to settle a lawsuit with a medical cannabis producer. Over the type of products that could be exhibited at the state fair.

Expo New Mexico officials have agreed to drop a pending appeal. Moreover, pay Ultra Health LLC $69,600 to avoid further legal fees. The Albuquerque newspaper reported Friday.

The dispute began after Expo New Mexico told Ultra Health it could not display marijuana . Or any other material related to the use or cultivation of cannabis in its booth at the 2017 State Fair. Officials said.

Police officers from the state of New Mexico therefore, told company employees the previous year to leave the fair after exhibiting a live cannabis plant. Authorities said.

The lawsuit in fact , aimed at preserving the company’s freedom of expression . Concerning the display of marijuana and the promotion of its use, Ultra Health officials said.

The court ruled that Expo New Mexico had indeed violated the First Amendment rights of the medical cannabis producer, the officials said.

Besides, the Department of General Services published the regulation in a public database after six months, under state law, officials said.

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