By LeeWEpstein

February 10, 2020

New Hampshire has approved a bill that will allow patients and caregivers to cultivate medical-grade cannabis up to a limit of 3 flowering plants, 3 growing plants, and 12 cuttings.

New Hampshire legalized medical cannabis in 2013 but has so far banned self-cultivation of the plant for personal use. Parliament approved a similar law last year, but Governor Chris Sununu vetoed it.


This bill provides Governor Sununu with an excellent opportunity to continue his evolution on cannabis policy,” said Matt Simon, New England policy director of the Marijuana Policy Project. “Patients throughout New Hampshire benefit from cannabis as an alternative to opioids, but many cannot access the expensive products available in clinics.

Home growing is a cost-effective option that is available to patients and adults in all neighboring jurisdictions, and there is no good reason why it should remain a crime for patients in a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die,” he added.

The bill is now heading to the House of Representatives. Hawaii and New Hampshire on the road to cannabis legalization.

The fact that no senators have spoken out against SB 420 is an encouraging development, but the patients are not out of the woods yet,” said Simon Moment Marijuana. “Although the bill was passed, it was easy to understand why Senate Speaker Donna Soucy voted against it. Last year, Soucy and two other Democratic Senators voted to uphold Governor Sununu’s veto on a similar bill.

Patients will either have to convince Sununu to change or win a few votes in the Senate for SB 420 to become law, he said.

Meanwhile, legislators are considering a bill that would legalize adult cannabis in the state, without providing for retail sales, as is currently the case in Vermont. The legalization bill was approved by a House committee last month. 

Legislators hope the removal of the sales component of a legalization bill will be more acceptable to the governor, who has already stated that he is opposed to large-scale commercial legalization, a move that already failed last year. Sununu, however, had signed a limited decriminalization measure last year.

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