By LeeWEpstein

October 15, 2019

A little more than 2 years after the legalization of cannabis in Nevada, the State inaugurates its first “cannabis lounge” which allows consumption at the point of purchase.

A lounge that looks like a tasting room

the Vegas Tasting Room opened its doors in a 1500m² weed hypermarket. The 120m² lounge is located on a tribal land two blocks north of downtown Las Vegas. It offers samples of 20 of the store’s 1,000 cannabis products, including concentrates, THC cartridges, and even THC-infused beer.

Considering the sample sizes (0.2g for flowers and 0.1g for concentrates), there should be too little THC to be seriously affected by the tasting. But for people with low tolerance, the lounge has set up partnerships with local taxi companies.

“It’s an experience that allows us to know what cannabis is, to get the complete profile of a cannabis plant, terpene profiles, and all the flavors,” explains Benny Tso, former president of the Paiute tribe. “We are not going to get people drunk with such small quantities and we don’t want to put our roads in danger. »

The venue can accommodate up to 75 people, who can stay for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The free field until 2021

Despite the legalization of cannabis, Nevada prohibits the opening of places of consumption. And the Vegas Tasting Room was only able to open because it is located on tribal lands that have a separate status, under a 2017 law that allows them to negotiate directly with the governor and free themselves from local rules.

The governor of the state passed a law this summer to postpone the opening of real lounges until 2021. The 45 million tourists who come to Las Vegas each year have little choice to consume what they can buy: fraud. Hotels, casinos and public places prohibit the use of cannabis in the vast majority of cases. This does not prevent Vegas from selling $1 million worth of cannabis a day.

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