By LeeWEpstein

January 13, 2020

A few days after the announcement by Larbi El Mharchi, deputy of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) of the examination of 2 bills on cannabis, the same deputy submitted a request for a postponement of the submission of the bill on a general amnesty for cannabis farmers and the legalization of the cultivation.

The postponement was requested a few hours before its presentation to the Justice and Legislation Committee of the House of Councillors until another bill was tabled in another committee, that of agriculture.

The announcement of a possible review of cannabis bills therefore ,had forced the government to communicate on the subject. However one government source denied any plans for legalization . So that it said that the subject is not on the agenda of the executive branch. The Moroccan government reportedly did not agree to schedule the debate on the 2 bills presented by the WFP.

Also , according to the same source, the presence of the Minister of Justice at the work of the Committee on Legislation in the House of Representatives . solely intended to express the government’s position on the draft law . On a general amnesty for persons prosecuted or detained for cannabis cultivation.

As for the bill on the decriminalization of cannabis cultivation, it transmitted to the committee on productive sectors of the House of Representatives. The government source also ruled out any possibility of positive interaction of the current Moroccan Government with the two bills.

A similar bill, proposed by the Istiqlal party and dating from 2013, has to this day remained unanswered by the government.

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